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Term Royalty Monetization (TRM)

Instead of selling your minerals, we provide you a mechanism where you can monetize the current cash flows of your producing minerals today, instead of having to wait for each production payment to arrive in the mail and having to be subject to the variability of commodity prices.

Our program evaluates your current production and provides you an offer in exchange for all the cash-flows of a given period of time which is systematically tracked and reported to  you with full transparency.

Mineral & Royalty Purchases

There are various  reasons that lead mineral owners to sell their assets, definitely can be a difficult decision. One of the greatest benefits to doing so is the guarantee of a lump sum payment rather than the future unknown, like oil prices, when the operator decides to drill on your land, and the potential of mismanaged well.  

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Mineral Management Services

Understanding and managing your minerals can be a complicated endeavor.  Staying up to date with the changing industry trends, ensuring your minerals are being correctly paid and negotiating agreements that affect them requires a breath of knowledge.

Perthshire has the resources that will keep you informed and better equipped to make critical decisions with your minerals.

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Moving Forward

All we need to get started is copy of your 2 prior month check stubs containing the details of your royalty payments (similar to the one on the pictured on the left), and we can begin our evaluation process.

We will ask you brief questions regarding your interest, to include a bit about the history of the properties, your ownership and what your goals are.

Upon completion of this evaluation, we can present to you an offer based on our discussions to best meet our mutual goals.