Houston, Texas

    As a Veteran owned company service to others is at the core of who we are. 


    We have worked our trade since before the shale revolution

A few words about who we are

The name Perthshire comes from the name of the road that led from the neighborhood into our High School. In other words it was the road from our home, our roots, to a future full of potential.
In the spirit of that road combined with the tenants of Honor, Duty, Service which were re-enforced by military service, Perthshire was born.
Our “WHY” is to help others reach that future full of potential by treating all the folks we meet with dignity and respect regardless of whether we earn their business or not.
It’s clear that most folks would rather not sell their mineral rights since they are typically inherited and have been in the family for generations. It is a family legacy of high importance.
Our idea is to provide you an avenue to access the yet untapped wealth of your rights and get to keep them where they belong, with you and your family. And in case you need help managing your legacy, we are also here to provide advice and an experienced guiding hand should you need it.

Give us a call and let us introduce ourselves and see how we can help.