Owning the Minerals under your lands is a distinctly American feature.

    Lands are passed down from generation to generation carrying with it a rich history and a valuable asset that can provided a financial foothold for many years to come.

    We can help provide financial flexibility and keep your birthright in your family for future generations and 
  • Financial Options

    Producing mineral & royalty interests provide a monthly income, but some times life events require more than what we have. 

    Perthshire can offer a options that provides you the financial flexibility you may need without having to sell your legacy forever.

    As a Veteran owned company, we  understand the value of trust, honor and service. 

    Our goal is to  establish a relationship with our clients and continuously earn their trust and business. 

    Together we can work toward providing you financial flexibility with a trustworthy partner now and into the future. 
  • Mineral Management & Advisory

    Managing your minerals can be a challenging task, especially in our busy schedules. 

    Perthshire can help, either through advising in negotiations, updating title instruments, interacting with operators on your behalf. 

    Allow us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf to maximize the value of your mineral and royalties.
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